People say that cells regenerate. They die and become new cells. And they do so at a rate that means every seven years you’ve basically got an entirely new body. No cells remain from the person you were seven years ago.

Polly and Marcus have been best friends since they were fourteen. They might even be soulmates.  But life continues to push and pull them together and apart.

They stumble through the social chaos of their teenage years, the freedom of their twenties, the responsibilities of their thirties, and the midlife crises of their forties, navigating their relationships with each other, the outside world, and their own changing bodies.

every seven years  is a new play told in seven year intervals. It asks what is it that makes us who we are: our choices, our companions, or the very bodies we inhabit?


Brockley Jack Studio Theatre
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The Arts Centre Hounslow
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The storyline combined with some nuanced performances, showing strength and vulnerability in equal measure, makes for an absorbing and appealing experience

London Theatre 1

A fascinating production that provides an insight into the impact of personality, circumstances and choices on people's lives.

Broadway Baby

A cracking yarn, confidently told. An arresting blend of ‘will they, won’t they’ rom-com and something more serious. 

London Pub Theatres

Very relevant and important… beautiful and tender moments. This play reminds us that it is clear our priorities need to change.

A Younger Theatre