Subject to Time

‘Timing, huh?’

‘Timing above all.’

At 7pm, two strangers bump into each other at a bus stop. They part without a second glance.

At 8pm on another day, they meet again at a mutual friends party.

At 9pm, a few weeks later, they share drinks at a bar.

Wrapped up in the complications of previous loves, Archie and Isla weren’t expecting each other. As the world determinedly forces them together only to pull them apart, they’re forced to question whether something can be right, even when it isn’t meant to be.

Told in twelve scenes, starting in the evening and spanning to the early hours of the dawn, Subject To Time is a love story that asks whether love can be enough when the timing isn’t on your side.


South Hill Park, Bracknell


Creative/Technical Team

Assistant Director
Tech/Stage Manager


A captivating and thoughtful love story... an original take on a well used premise. An excellent script and production from Fairey and his team.

Maidenhead Advertiser

Immensely funny, courtesy of Fairey's gift for humorous, realistic dialogue, and Hannawin and Bruzas's ability to deliver it with impeccable verve and timing. Fresh and compelling... Fairey, Hannawin and Bruzas are undeniably rising stars in the theatre scene.

Wokingham Paper