From the sun drenched shores of Ancient Greece to the peaks of 1940s Mount Kenya, from the pressures of the present day to the scarred wastelands of a post-climate-crisis apocalypse… these are the landscapes of the Orator Trilogy, a series of three audio plays inspired by the myths of the Grecian past.

The Sun, The Mountain, and Me

In ancient Greece, a boy trapped in a tower longs to fly. In world war two Kenya, a prisoner of war stares at a mountain and longs to climb it. And in modern day Surrey, a young man trapped in the trials of his mind longs to finish a painting. 

Melding ancient myth with historical anecdote and emotive storytelling, the sun, the mountain, and me explores mental health, masculinity, and the mistakes we make when we’re searching for escape.

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Hair of Snakes

Get cast as a lead in a worldwide film franchise? Check. Acting opposite one of the most famous and desirable stars of the screen? Check. Become the target of a rabid social media mob? Wait…

Hair of Snakes reimagines the story of Medusa amid the connection and polarisation of the information age. Navigating fame and fandom amidst the sexism of social media is hard enough when one of the world’s biggest (married) movie stars starts flirting with you.

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Persephone + Hades
Coming September 2021

The world is in ruin. During the summer, scorching heat bakes the turf; during the winter, freezing ashy snow and ice takes its hold. The earth is barren, and humanity survives by a thread. Amidst this hellscape, two survivors with nothing left to lose stumble into each others arms.

Persephone + Hades transposes the ancient story of the seasons into a post-climate-crisis dystopia, exploring what happens when humans are left to be the gods of the world they have created, and whether there is room for hope in the life we have made for ourselves.


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